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Multi Collagen Plus Immune Mushroom

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Product Description



Elevate your wellness routine with our all-encompassing Multi Collagen Plus Immune Mushroom blend. This premium formula is specifically designed to enhance joint, skin, and immune health by combining the restorative power of five types of collagen with the cognitive and immune-boosting benefits of Lion’s Mane and a spectrum of potent mushroom extracts, complemented by the soothing taste of Ginger Spice.

Key Benefits

  • Cognitive Function: Lion’s Mane Mushroom is renowned for supporting brain health and cognitive function.
  • Joint Health: A diverse profile of collagens supports the health and durability of joints.
  • Skin Elasticity: Collagen types I, II, III, V, and X from varied sources promote skin hydration and elasticity for a youthful appearance.
  • Immune Defense: Mushroom extracts, including Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, and Lion’s Mane, alongside Elderberry, provide comprehensive immune system support.
  • Antioxidant Support: Elderberry extract, rich in antioxidants, works in harmony with ginger to support the body’s natural defenses.
  • Digestive Comfort: The gentle, beneficial effects of mushrooms and collagen peptides support digestive health.
  • Energizing Flavor: The invigorating Ginger Spice flavor provides a natural energy boost and adds a warm, comforting taste to any beverage or culinary creation.

Ingredient Overview

Our meticulous blend features:

  • Multi-Sourced Collagen: Delivers a full spectrum of collagen types I, II, III, V, and X for complete collagen support.
  • Robust Immune Mushroom Complex: Features a robust blend of Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, and Lion’s Mane mushroom extracts for immune and cognitive enhancement.
  • Elderberry Extract: Known for its high antioxidant content, Elderberry complements the immune-supporting mushroom complex.
  • Ginger Root Extract: With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, ginger root adds a unique spicy flavor and supports digestive health.
  • No Artificial Ingredients: Crafted without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, ensuring a natural and beneficial experience.

Flavor Profile

Embrace the zesty and warming essence of Ginger Spice in every scoop. Our formula is not only a powerhouse of nutrition but also a delight to your taste buds. The aromatic spice blend offers a balance of warmth and sweetness, perfect for blending into your favorite beverages or recipes to create a comforting and healthful experience.



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